Bioengineered Corneal Implants
Treating Corneal Blindness and Low Vision





Research and development

Company Profile

Spanned out of academic research in Canada & Sweden in 2014.

A proprietary platform technology based on 20+ years of academic, clinical, and industrial research and development.

The only producer of clinically tested bioengineered corneal implants worldwide.

Our team, Our strenght

Mehrdad Rafat, PhD

CEO & Founder

Shideh Tabe, MBA

CO-FOUNDER, Business & HR Manager

Alin Balian, PhD

R&D, Production Manager

Alina Miron, PhD

Quality Control Manager

Pavel Stodůlka, PhD

Medical Director. MD, PhD, FEBOS-CR

Jocelyn Åkerberg, BSc

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Manager

Saman Ara

Laboratory Assistent

Lal Dave, MBA

Co-founder, CEO of CareGroup

Büsra Baskapan

Production Engineer

Andrew Bourke, MBA

Innovation/Business Lead

Colm O’Rourke, BSc

Regulatory and Quality Assurance Coordinator
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